Sociocrafterpreneur: Craft Meets Nobility

Written By
Annisa Puspa Andira

Edited By
Fazrah LR Heryanda

Photo Source
Alvinska Octaviana

When it comes to business, there is one old paradigm which many believes that gaining profit as much as possible is the only priority. As time goes by, the entrepreneur has been shifting in a purpose-driven business mindset which driving sociopreneur refers to an entrepreneur that carries on social responsibility emerging to the scene, including in the creative industry. And if you are looking for promising sociopreneur, Alvinska Octaviana (@alvinska), the founder of Alvs Studio and LEGAM, is the one that you need to look up to.  Alvinska already marked her journey in empowering the ex-worker of the coal mine company at West Sumatra, preserving its craftmanship. 

Alvinska  has earned a degree  in Design Textile Faculty of Art  and Design at Institue Technology of Bandung (ITB). Related to her degree, she was attended crafting and arts-related courses. Those courses turned out imparting her creative skills and crafts techniques in establishing Alvs Studio. Alv Studio itself is an exploration studio for natural materials that turn into creative and functional objects from stationery to decorations made of natural fibers. When she joined one of the BEKRAF’s programs, IKKON, she discovered something meaningful since she was directly involved in communicating, exploring and collaborating with creative workers in Indonesian regions. “I happen to be placed in West Sumatra, in Sawahlunto which had been known as a coal-producing city,” explained Alvinska.

Seeing its enormous potential, Alvinska initiates to develop it as a creative project—currently known as LEGAM ( Define LEGAM as sustainable jewelry, Alvinska ensures that LEGAM  is crafted in right hands. She began the interview by telling us the story behind it. “I found that most of Sawahlunto’s residents were coal craftsmen. Unfortunately, a result of massive layoffs from the coal company affected the workers to find another job. Although their craftwork is fantastic, the sources and marketing knowledge is limited, so the craftsmen had no idea how to sell their work. Therefore, I thought to give a shot by giving the craftsmen opportunity through LEGAM,” said Alvinska, recalled her trip first at Sawahlunto.

" There are still many who's only sees how its appearance and visual (of product), but fail to see the stories behind it."

Single-handedly directing the craftsmen, mainly when a new design is about to launch, she needs to take a round trip from Bandung to West Sumatra. Rather than having thought of how tiring it might be, Alvinska passionately sharing the memorable experience where she was living with the craftsmen. “When I was working there, I practically live with them and their family and following their culture and habits. I still remember that the craftsmen would play with their chickens or go to the rice fields, and I really had fun there” Alvinska recalled it with her thick Sundanese accents.

Being part of the lives of local craftsmen made Alvinska realizing how important and possible to work while lending hands to others. “Sometimes, there are still some people ignoring the products as a reflection of value and effort from the artists. There are still many who focuses on the appearance and visual (of the product) but fail to see the stories behind it.” At the end of the discussion, she earnestly wishes that people be more aware and start to buy the local brand as an appreciation towards local artists. She believes that giving value to the journey and process behind every local product can be the beginning of embracing the locals. Hearing her remarks, we know that Alvinska is bound to steal everyone’s heart as she is always giving back to the society.