Visiting The Infamous Indonesian Love Tales

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Besides the picturesque view, these local majestic and exquisite cultural sites preserved romantic tales that perhaps been forgotten. Discover the love story behind these locals’ infamous site destinations and how it adds profound meaning.


Kelas Pagi: Provide Non-Formal Education in Photography

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As one of the most-anticipated photography classes, Kelas Pagi has produced many talented photographers for the past 14 years. The team shares the essential things to teach in their class and what makes Kelas Pagi distinct from the others.


Long Live The Freelancer

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Even with the free-work hours and owning the authority power for ourselves, freelancing is far beyond as fun or secure as it’s seen. Here we try to reveal the truth behind the deceitful myth of being a freelancer.


Travel Diary: Traveling from The Eye of David Praharsa

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In this episode of Travel Diary, David Praharsa, the man behind Depepedia, shares his opinions about travel and how he treats it more than just as an occupation.


Redefining Art Space with Keliling Art Space

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Keliling Art Space defying the form of conventional art space and invites the art enthusiast to celebrate and appreciate local art collectively.


Yajugaya: A Word to The Wise Through T-shirt

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Specialized in wordy quotes, Yajugaya’s founder, Randhy Prasetya, reveals what makes Yajugaya stand out than others.


Climate Change: Are We in Crisis?

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Discussing the term climate change that’s been swirling on global conversations and its association with the natural crisis we’ve been dealing in a few past years.


You Have The Right to Chill with Nuvantara

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A story of Nuvantara – travel partner that offers tranquility and intimate experience for those who seek short escape from daily lives.


Where to Go: Museum Pendidikan Surabaya

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A newcomer cultural spot in Surabaya exhibits educational artifacts that bring back school days memories, and of course, enrich historical knowledge at once.


Where to Go: Kampong Pabean

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Explore the two legendary street food in one of the trading centers in Surabaya, Pabean.



Basha Market In May 2014, Basha Market present Hyperspace series for those … 22/10/2019


Basha Market Basha Market on Broadway 5-8 December 2014 Tunjungan Plaza 3 … 22/10/2019


Basha Market A further exploration of the individual’s laboratory within our mind, … 22/10/2019

Time Traveling Tofu

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From all the trendy and hip foods around you, there’s always one that stays in your heart. Follow the story of two loyal customers who’s coming back for more to their favorite culinary spot.


Get Out of Digital with Macramé

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Learn the basic of Macramé with Maria Maretta, the owner of The Art of Macramé. Get lost in it and away from any digital disruption.


What We Love: Flower Creation by Onni House

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Showing what we love for this month and we couldn’t be more excited for the flower power.


Where to Go: Kampong Ampel

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Although it’s been known as a historic and religious tourism in Surabaya, Ampel has more sides to offer. As we stroll along the path, we find places and stories that we certainly shouldn’t hold it to our self.


Where to Go: Local Independent Bookstores on Bustling Cities

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Call all the bookworms, because we have a list of local independent bookstore that you can visit to.


Biblioaction, Where You See Visual Literacy

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Two inspiring teachers from Institut Français d’Indonésie (IFI) Surabaya has a creative way to liberates children’s mind and bring them closer to literacy.


Basha’s Listicle: Creative Markets Around The World

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Dive into creative scenes from around the world as artisans and creators showing their creation. We give a list of different kind of international creative markets where you can see how creative business has got a lot bigger these days.


To Be Young and Stoic

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Abolishing the worries and starts to enjoy the blooming youth ahead of you with one of the oldest philosophy lessons.


You Are Invited to Travel As It Is

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Yes, you can go traveling wherever and whenever you are, and we’re giving you the list to prove it.


First Impression On Zero Waste Most Likely Leads to Misconception

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Zero waste become the uprising movement among the lifestyle goers today. However, people often misunderstood about the essence of zero waste and Zero Waste Indonesia here to clear that up.


It Is The Right Time To Go Wild Over Djawa

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Established from the ashes of a legendary place, Kopi Toko Djawa hasn’t change the trademark one bit. It still gives you nostalgic feeling in the midst of Bandung’s modern site with beverages that comforts your heart.


Artist On The ‘Rise’: Bernadet Putri

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Our light-insightful conversation with the talented and yet still humble illustrator, Bernadet Putri revealing what it’s like to be illustrator nowadays in local creative scene.


PURA Indonesia: Locally Made, Pure as Nature

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When most of the foods offer goodness in taste, PURA Indonesia combined it with goodness inside. Meet one of the local brands that make sure you can’t resist healthy lifestyle.


Where To Go: Pasar Sehat

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Inside of refreshing and interactive one of the market events in Surabaya where you can find local cuisines and culinary products that supports balance of inside out.


Where to Go: Carik Cenik

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Hidden away from the center of Malang, Carik Cenik is one of café that got our attention as it offers breeze and mild atmosphere. A perfect place to concealed our self from the crowd.


How to Live Well in The World Full of Hassle

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Understand the true meaning of slow living and leave all the fallacy about it.


Specimen Lab: Home for Peculiar Plants

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Weird but dazzling, a charm that makes Danis Sie widen his portfolio in plant territory, specifically the peculiar ones. For Danis, collecting it wasn’t enough without preserving its life.


Heritage, Still Relevant, or Not?

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Heritage is the topic that often to slips away from daily conversation. Here Ayos Purwoaji, an independent curator shows his bravery to redefining the meaning of heritage and find its relevancy to our life.


5 One-Sitting Creativity Book By Hestia Istiviani

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Try to read these books and see how your creativity fired up.


Easy Peasy Cheesy: Halloumi Recipe

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A superb-easy cheese recipe provided one of the local brands: Buono Cheeze. It’s simple even for those of you who can’t cook.


A Tale of Success with Peggy Hartanto

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Surabaya-based fashion designer, Peggy Hartanto talks about her passion, journey, and what values should be hold as it takes her successfully engraving her name in global fashion world.


So, What’s The Line Between Copied and Inspired?

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Even though it’s not a world war, but the war against plagiarism can’t be underestimate. As artisans established astounding works, there’s always a following creation that should be questioned. Is it copied or inspired?