Where to Go: Carik Cenik

Written By
Annisa Puspa Andira

Edited By
Fazrah LR Heryanda

Photo Source
Carik Cenik


Carik Cenik

Jl. Raya Slamet, Tumpang,
Malang, Jawa Timur

If you feel that every day is as hard as nails, sometimes you can’t help but dream of a short escape. Spending out your day closes to nature while smelling the fresh air with a warm cup of coffee as your companion isn’t a bad idea at all. Try to ask yourself, when is the last time you realize those little dreams? Well, if the answer is for ages—or sadly ‘never,’ perhaps Carik Cenik (@carikcenikcan be an alternative getaway call. Located remotely from Malang’s city center, Carik Cenik is a place to convene that offers tranquility and harmony of nature.

Open publicly in late 2018, Carik Cenik is one of the green theme cafés in Malang. To reach Carik Cenik, you’ll be traveling for approximately 13 km away from the downtown. Even though it’s a bit far, it’s worth a long drive, especially if you plan to take a break from the crowd is what you’re looking for.

The first time arrived, you would find various plants all over the place. And that’s not only the exciting part as its because the café build on the top of a plantation that serves many different kinds of plants that you can buy directly. Also, the café lied on the second floor where there are narrow stairs that would take you in it.

Taking steps to upstairs, you would find green space with wooden furniture and concrete floors covered in canopy roof with hanging planters all over it that looks like modern meets tropical style combined to capture the nature scenic.

On the left side, a view of rice fields completes the green atmosphere awaits as you can see it through wooden high-chair and long-table garnished with various mini cactus. If you’re not an outdoor-y person, there’s a small space you could pick. And while you still in awe, there’s wooden furniture equipped with a row bookshelf and drink counter inside where the staff would greet you friendly.

You can also enjoy essential beverage such as coffee, tea, and traditional local snacks like Jemblem and Ketan Kicir served in Carik Cenik. As for the coffee, Vietnam Drip Coffee-their recommendation coffee will relieve all your blues away in the quiet afternoon. Their special menu on the weekend, classic Ayam Betutu is also on the list that you needs to try.

Garnished with seasoned boiled egg and vegetables such as lettuce, nuts, basil, urap (salads with beansprouts, green beans mixed with coconut dressing) complete with sambal matah truly kicked out the flavor that makes you want to stay longer because nothing beats a good meal with a top-notch view on the side.