Best Self Improvement Books to Read in Pandemic by Bookmattic (Matt Hutson)

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Matt Hutson, more commonly known as Bookmattic, shares with us 5 self-improvement book to improve your lives and well-being.


Kelas Pagi: Provide Non-Formal Education in Photography

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As one of the most-anticipated photography classes, Kelas Pagi has produced many talented photographers for the past 14 years. The team shares the essential things to teach in their class and what makes Kelas Pagi distinct from the others.


Redefining Art Space with Keliling Art Space

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Keliling Art Space defying the form of conventional art space and invites the art enthusiast to celebrate and appreciate local art collectively.


Where to Go: Museum Pendidikan Surabaya

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A newcomer cultural spot in Surabaya exhibits educational artifacts that bring back school days memories, and of course, enrich historical knowledge at once.


Where to Go: Kampong Pabean

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Explore the two legendary street food in one of the trading centers in Surabaya, Pabean.


Where to Go: Kampong Ampel

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Although it’s been known as a historic and religious tourism in Surabaya, Ampel has more sides to offer. As we stroll along the path, we find places and stories that we certainly shouldn’t hold it to our self.


Where to Go: Local Independent Bookstores on Bustling Cities

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Call all the bookworms, because we have a list of local independent bookstore that you can visit to.


Biblioaction, Where You See Visual Literacy

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Two inspiring teachers from Institut Français d’Indonésie (IFI) Surabaya has a creative way to liberates children’s mind and bring them closer to literacy.


Basha’s Listicle: Creative Markets Around The World

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Dive into creative scenes from around the world as artisans and creators showing their creation. We give a list of different kind of international creative markets where you can see how creative business has got a lot bigger these days.


Where To Go: Pasar Sehat

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Inside of refreshing and interactive one of the market events in Surabaya where you can find local cuisines and culinary products that supports balance of inside out.


Where to Go: Carik Cenik

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Hidden away from the center of Malang, Carik Cenik is one of café that got our attention as it offers breeze and mild atmosphere. A perfect place to concealed our self from the crowd.


5 One-Sitting Creativity Book By Hestia Istiviani

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Try to read these books and see how your creativity fired up.