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Masker Untuk Indonesia: Assembling the Creative Forces to Normalize Mask-Wearing

Back to (New) Normal / CreativeBack to (New) Normal / Lifestyle

Supporting the #MaskerUntukSemua campaign, Masker Untuk Indonesia rise as a movement to normalize mask-wearing. Getting help from local creators, artists, and creative talents to design the masks, Masker Untuk Indonesia is trying to boost the non-medical mask distribution and foster appreciation for local creativity at the same time.


Jobhun: The Emergence of Online Learning

Back to (New) Normal / Lifestyle

Online learning, in particular, has gained traction as an alternative way to learn new skills and maintain productivity. But is it just a fad, or is it here to stay? Cynthia Cecilia, Founder of Jobhun, has something to say about it.


dr soap: Kilas Balik Situasi di Awal Pandemi

COVID-19 / Lifestyle

Kembali ke awal masa pandemi, Eunike Selomith menceritakan bagaimana brand yang dinaunginya – dr soap menghadapi situasi saat itu serta perubahan signifikan yang terjadi setelahnya.


Follow The Passion or Be Patience?

Devotion / Lifestyle

To follow the passion or just let it slide away has been the ultimate dilemma for the job seeker and career chaser. We interviewed Afinnisa Rasyida, a Psychology Lecturer at Universitas Surabaya, to uncover the solution.


Long Live The Freelancer

Devotion / LifestyleSlideshow

Even with the free-work hours and owning the authority power for ourselves, freelancing is far beyond as fun or secure as it’s seen. Here we try to reveal the truth behind the deceitful myth of being a freelancer.


Climate Change: Are We in Crisis?

Starting Point / LIfestyle

Discussing the term climate change that’s been swirling on global conversations and its association with the natural crisis we’ve been dealing in a few past years.


Take A Deep Breath and Write with Reza Gunawan

Man With A Plan / Lifestyle

For a long time, we have perceived writing as a method for delivering a message to others. However, for Reza Gunawan, there’s more benefit from writing that’s going to help our self.


What We Love: Flower Creation by Onni House

Originality / Lifestyle

Showing what we love for this month and we couldn’t be more excited for the flower power.


To Be Young and Stoic

Closure / Lifestyle

Abolishing the worries and starts to enjoy the blooming youth ahead of you with one of the oldest philosophy lessons.


First Impression On Zero Waste Most Likely Leads to Misconception

Making A Scene / LIfestyle

Zero waste become the uprising movement among the lifestyle goers today. However, people often misunderstood about the essence of zero waste and Zero Waste Indonesia here to clear that up.


How to Live Well in The World Full of Hassle

Digital Escape / Lifestyle

Understand the true meaning of slow living and leave all the fallacy about it.


Specimen Lab: Home for Peculiar Plants

Man With A Plan / LifestyleSlideshow

Weird but dazzling, a charm that makes Danis Sie widen his portfolio in plant territory, specifically the peculiar ones. For Danis, collecting it wasn’t enough without preserving its life.


By Lizzie Parra: The Game Changer of Local Beauty Brands

Upping The Tempo / Lifestyle

In her busy schedule, Lizzie Parra took her time to open up about how her brand, BLP (By Lizzie Parra) Beauty has grown into one of the anticipated local beauty brands. Through BLP Beauty, she gives her voice and changing the idea of what beauty is.


Upscale Your Home with Art Pieces

Man With A Plan / Lifestyle

The guide of applying art pieces to decorate your house with art pieces and see what experts said about it.