Visiting The Infamous Indonesian Love Tales

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Besides the picturesque view, these local majestic and exquisite cultural sites preserved romantic tales that perhaps been forgotten. Discover the love story behind these locals’ infamous site destinations and how it adds profound meaning.


Travel Diary: Traveling from The Eye of David Praharsa

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In this episode of Travel Diary, David Praharsa, the man behind Depepedia, shares his opinions about travel and how he treats it more than just as an occupation.


You Have The Right to Chill with Nuvantara

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A story of Nuvantara – travel partner that offers tranquility and intimate experience for those who seek short escape from daily lives.


Travel Diary: Wamena, Papua by Barry Kusuma

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Take a peek on Barry Kusuma’s travel diary in Wamena as he discovered lessons and culture that simply can’t get without experiencing itself.


You Are Invited to Travel As It Is

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Yes, you can go traveling wherever and whenever you are, and we’re giving you the list to prove it.


Japanese Spots Doppelgänger

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Good news for all photo spots hunter: we find some spots to help you create your own Japanese photo ambience without even bother going on a trip to Japan.


You’ll Never See an Endearing Journey until You Met Everything in Between

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Our conversation with two spirited young people whose cycling across the world from Netherland to Indonesia with endearing purpose for the people, animal and trees.