Celebrate The Creative Era

Written by
Annisa Puspa Andira

Edited By
Fazrah LR Heryanda

Illustration by
Adhelia Sani Pramita

The 4th industrial revolution era has been making a headline since everyone debating about the significant growth of AI and robots. But, have you ever heard that between 2010 – 2015, the local creative industry has contributed IDR 852 trillion or an equivalent of 7.38% of the Indonesian GDP? Maybe it is not a huge number in comparison to manufacturing, but this often-underrated industry has created 15.9mil jobs or an equivalent of 13.9% of the current job market.

Even though the creative industry has marked itself as a potential industry in our nation, some people are still unaware of it or even understand the idea. To fully grasp what creative industry is, we can refer to the Indonesian Creative Economy Agency (BEKRAF) that defines creative industry into 16 categories:

As you can see, products of the creative industry are everywhere – it’s in the social media that you use daily, in the streets you pass by every day, or in various stores you ever visit. Anything that includes original idea and creativity skills is what creative industry all about.

The strive of creative industry to grow and stride should be rewarded with a celebration and support from society.

The rise of creative industry is nothing without the creators behind it. There are tons of local creators who had established a brand, produced high-quality goods and created some astonishing works. Some of them even have gone to achieve global fame, like Didiet Maulana with his achievement for designing Grammy Awards 2016 official gift bag or Peggy Hartanto and Tex Saverio, where their clothes have been worn by several Hollywood A-list. That’s from fashion division only. The long list of our local creators’ achievement still continues and proved that their quality is undeniably good and worth on the global market. Furthermore, through their work, these creators carrying the legacy of Indonesia’s culture and promote it across the world. Making a way for Indonesia to strengthen its position on the global scale.

The strive of creative industry to grow and stride should be rewarded with a celebration and support from society, especially you readers! From this notion, BashaID wants you to celebrate the creative era upon us. To really notice, appreciate, and cherish the creation of local artists and changing the future one step at a time.