Basha’s Listicle: Creative Markets Around The World

Written By
Annisa Puspa Andira

Edited By
Fazrah LR Heryanda

There are so many great talents, makers and artists come up with such a bad-ass creation and building a brand to preserve their skills and philosophy. The thing is sometimes to rent a space or establishing a new store is a bit hard considered a new business has its ups and downs and the budgets won’t budge either. Luckily, there are tons of trade shows or retail markets that proudly support local through global artisan to help them show their superb-gaiety-creative idea and connect with their customers. So, we set up some list of 5 international ravishing markets for you to sneak them out.

(Photo Source’s : @finders_keepers)

The Finders Keepers – Sydney, Australia

Begin with a simple but yet genuinely thoughts: to create a space for supporting independent designers to show their work, sell it and connect to their customers, two young designers Brooke Johnston and Sarah Thornton founded The Finders Keepers on summer of 2008 in Sydney it becomes the most wanted art and design market trade in Australia. The Finders Keepers offers a mixture of design, art, food, live music, and community in one place, to gather, play, bond and shop featured over 250 independent art and design brands of talented makers from around Australia. With the keen eye and a sense of good taste, The Finders Keepers manage to curates all the unique and still affordable brands to be displayed on. Check out their schedule or more on Instagram: @finders_keepers

(Photo Source’s : @jumbleshow)

Jumble Tokyo – Tokyo, Japan

Looking for men’s essential with good quality material and crafty design? Well, Jumble Tokyo definitely would swoop in to your list. Jumble Tokyo is the tradeshow that highlights Japanese goods for men. From clothing, jewelry, home goods to deliberate art, we can say that Jumble Tokyo is another men’s playground holds the ‘trends can come and go, but style is forever’ mantra as it chasing the most important part of the goods, ‘Quality’. Without being strict to the market trends, Jumble Tokyo bound itself to a vow “Quality First” and actually brings up tons of noteworthy brands that are truly pay attention to its quality as well as the design. Today, Jumble Tokyo make it global as the exhibition participated on several international trade shows, such as MAN in Paris, Bread & Butter in Berlin, and Liberty Fairs in New York. Check out them on Instagram: @jumbleshow

(Photo Source’s : @popupasia)

Pop Up Asia Market – Taipei, Asia

Last but not least, 3568 miles away from Australia, there’s Pop Up Asia market in Taipei, a trade show focused on developing the creative become more sustainable business. Organized by C Plus Culture, Pop Up Asia is the platform for all the artisans, designers, manufacturers, suppliers, organizers, and handicraft entrepreneurs in Asia to build and keep the handicraft culture alive, specifically in Asia reflected on its spirit “turn your passion into a living” and the word ‘POP’ that stands for 3 words, ‘P’ for Personal Style, ‘O’ for Original Ideas and ‘P’ for Partnership showcasing 4 major categories of product, including Made by Hand, Limited Production, Locally Made, and Customization Service. As the time goes, Pop Up Asia had achieved tremendous growth which is in 2018, it collaborated with more than 20 different Asian cities and proximately 300 brands that participated in. Check out their Instagram to catching up their updates: @popupasia

(Photo Source’s : @capsuleshow)

Capsule Show – New York, USA

Jump to the Big Apple, this particular tradeshow happens to be one of the fascinating events in New York City, because it gives tremendous support for indie brands to present themselves among all the big brand that spread across the city. Focusing on Men’s and Women’s fashion, Capsule made its mark as a place for brands from local independent talents, artist and designers to grow and evolve. Started in 2007 with the aim to expose the high-quality innovative indie brand and to be known to a larger audience with its quirkiness and peculiarity vibes, Capsule unexpectedly has hits success and made a great impression to the public. The capsule has to create a success path for introducing a lot of indie brands globally. See for yourself to its schedule and lineups at Capsule’s Instagram account: @capsuleshow

(Photo Source’s : @themakersandshakers)

The Makers and Shakers Market - Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra and Adelaide, Australia

The Makers and Shakers Market really into a great craft and handmade stuff provide food, homeware, accessories, and plants. The Makers and Shakers Market are open for the local makers, artisans, and designers to celebrate and show their creation to the audience focused on goals and values of a handmade movement. Hence, the beginning of The Makers and Shakers was motivated by the founder, Emma Morris and Lee Glezos consideration of the consumption of mass-produced products. What makes it more impressive, The Makers and Shakers Market isn’t just a trade show to show and sell the product, it also an open space for the attendants to discussing the products straight to the makers, what’s inspired them, how they do it, or other questions about the creation. If you into it, you can check them on their Instagram account: @themakersandshakers