Travel Diary: Traveling from The Eye of David Praharsa

Written By
Annisa Puspa Andira
David Praharsa

Edited By
Fazrah LR Heryanda

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Most of us seek happiness as the ultimate purpose in life, just like I do myself. Happiness could come from various experiences and circumstances. As for me, traveling is an experience that could instigate happiness. I personally believe that traveling has never been a competition or a show-off game, rather I see it as a culmination passion, dedication, and enthusiasm. It wasn’t until my experience running Depepedia that I found the joy in all aspects of traveling from doing research of things to do, discovering new places of interest, to creating ‘not-your-typical-itinerary,’ traveling has somehow taught me the meaning of devotion. Providing a memorable traveling experience is not a service I offer to make money per se, it was a way for me to share my experience with others by ensuring that all the trip I host will stay to the roots I believe in. To travel is to celebrate a myriad of faces, cultures, and memorable moments. I travel to immerse and indulge myself in an endless journey of constant learning.

My Fondness to Travel was Embedded since Childhood

Growing up, my parents have a unique way of spoiling me! I remember they rarely give me presents or toys as a child. Instead, they would take me to trips because they believe that there are countless stories you will encounter while traveling. Those trips will be cherished for as long as I live, and I do hope that I could also give an opportunity for others to experience the same. This is why traveling has always been and will always be a huge part of my life. If I were to choose between the chance to travel into the unknown or endless supply of branded gifts, I will definitely pick traveling without even thinking! Those who are closest to me will vouch for this.

As I enter the so-called adulthood, life gets more and more colorful, I’d say. From friendship drama, work politics, countless deadlines, to having my me-time, life could sometimes be exhausting, don’t you agree? Traveling was a way for me to re-energize and found the strength to keep ‘hustling’ if you know what I mean. Not only will you learn that this mother earth is filled with enchanted beauty, but you will also learn more about yourself. I find tons of inspiration as well as gratitude throughout my traveling experience, and especially since I am in the creative industry, traveling somehow gives the opportunity that opens my horizon.

What Travelling Means to Me

I have been to places both nationally in Indonesia as well as internationally. I have always been mesmerized by the various cultures I’ve witnessed. There are tons of learned lessons from all of those trips, but I particularly remember this one moment. I was sitting next to a middle-aged Indonesian lady on my flight from Singapore to Jakarta. I wanted to purchase a bottle of water, yes I was on a budget airline because why go for the full-service for a short-haul flight. Long story short, the lady ended up paying for that bottled water because the airline only accepts cash payment. I insisted on paying her back somehow when we landed in Jakarta, she refused to accept it. We then started talking, and I found out that she is an immigrant worker in Singapore. She shared her life story, all the happy and the sad moments, from her motivation to work in Singapore, the sacrifice she made leaving her husband and children, to her amazing journey working in Singapore. I got teary not because of her story alone but because of her sincere gesture! She likes so many other people I’ve met on my trips, are just pure inspiring, and this is why I love listening to people’s stories. That act of random kindness is somehow restored my faith in humanity and remind me to always be kind and do good to others.

‘Sharing is caring’ is a principle that I live by, and that flight from Singapore just made me believe in this saying more. Travelling teaches me to stay humble and appreciative of my surroundings. You might think that you wouldn’t have the privilege to travel on an airplane or to overseas, so you might not have the opportunity to encounter people and listen to their inspiring stories. I would argue quite the opposite—traveling could be as simple as getting out of your comfort zone. You could go and explore parts of the cities you’ve never been to before or to your neighboring town or cities.

Depepedia was born out of the sharing is caring principle. This personal travel diary that I created is a way for me to share information that I personally gathered and experience from my trips. From various accommodation options, local cuisines and delicacies, to places of interest this could be a source of reference when you make your own travel itinerary.  I scroll back through my timeline regularly, because I would like to be reminded of the experience I had before. And here I am hoping that people would be able to have that memorable experience on trips somehow.

There is no such a thing as the perfect or best itinerary because what you should focus on is to experience the traveling itself with your companions.

Traveling is a personal experience. So, to feel or encounter a different experience from mine makes all the perfect sense! Just because I had quite the experience in one place doesn’t mean you will have the same experience too, and this goes vice versa. There is no such a thing as the perfect or best itinerary because what you should focus on is to experience the traveling itself with your companions. Hence, share your experience just as I shared mine so, people could also learn from it—both the good and bad experiences.