Perceiving Loudness on a Canvas

Written By
Annisa Puspa Andira

Edited By
Fazrah Heryanda

Photo Source
Iabadiou Piko

Capturing the plethora of human emotions, looking back to a wonderful moment, and recording what we hear in everyday life, each person has their own way of expressing it. Like Iabadiou Piko, an artist from South Sumatra who is known for his abstract expressionism and figurative works with combining doodles, lines, images, color blocking in a contemporary visual. Piko’s work has been exhibited in several prestigious art exhibitions, notably in international exhibitions. Behind the ‘complexity’ that he flaunts on the canvas, it manifests Iabadiou’s interpretation and perception that sounds loud and enchanting people to see it.

Iabadiou’s journey as an artist started when he was in college. At that time, Iabadiou, who was registered as an ADVY YOGYAKARTA student majoring in design photography inspired by celebrated artists, “When I was in college, I (accidentally) read an art book in the campus library, including the story of Pablo Picasso. I also saw an art film about Jean Michael Basquiat. At that moment, I was intrigued to try and follow their path.” Fascinated by how Basquiat did his work on dichotomies and used social commentary in his paintings, Iabadiou has decided to teach himself and carve his expression through the strokes he draws on a paper. His journey goes more profound as he continuously pays a visit to art exhibitions in Yogyakarta as the initial steps in expanding his horizon and knowledge.

In 2008, Iabadiou tried to change his medium from paper to canvas. For him, his paintings can be considered as a space for his expression, perception, and emotion. The rush of freedom mixed by the comfort of therapeutic feelings makes Iabadiou passionate about painting and becomes the reason for Iabadiou to strive what he dreams for. “To be honest, I have full confidence in doing it (painting), and this is what motivates me to keep pursuing this path. I love something that involved direct execution because every time I’m doing it, I feel less bored or distressed,” said Iabadiou about his determination. Since then, he continued to practice his painting skills intensively. Despite the stigma of being a painter, Iabadiou never regrets his life decision. “Because painting is my life choice and every process has developed into clear goals that I want to achieve.”

Looking at Iabadiou Piko’s work through a layman’s eyes, it might be difficult to unfold the meaning behind it. The paintings he created were a manifestation of his encounter with other people, surroundings, and what he senses (see, hear, and feel), combined with his own interpretation and perception attached to them. “I’m analyzing and mapping perceptual experiences through the patterns of my intuition and free association in my abstract expression. These experiences I developed them can be seen through poetic drawings, lines, colors, and paintings, that combined with letters and pictures, abstractions, and figurations, which simultaneous and overlapping,” as Iabadio describes his work.

Iabadiou Piko
Iabadiou Piko

"Art can be a counterbalance of someone's character and attitude in deciding something and as their evaluation measurement. Therefore, art education can be fundamental to help develop one's character,"

Behind the making process, Iabadiou let everything flows without being planned out, “The paintings happen without any planning whatsoever, and sometimes they’re not descriptive, they’re more developed on canvas. Like playing freely, I made it spontaneous, channeling all the memories of reality and imagination inside my mind.” The moment Iabadiou finished his painting, for him, doesn’t mean the process has ended. He will observe his work and try to find something where he felt at ease and not weary as he sees it. Serves its purpose as the embodiment of his thoughts, perceptions, and emotions, Iabadiou finds his needs for an in-depth approach to his works.

For Iabadiou, the art of painting isn’t limited to a channel of expressions, emotions within oneself, but also as something that contributes to the development of one’s character and attitude. “Art can be a counterbalance of someone’s character and attitude in deciding something and as their evaluation measurement. Therefore, art education can be fundamental to help develop one’s character,” explained Iabadiou. For him, many mediums can be used to study art, such as works of art that have been created, from films, paintings, photographs, or learn from people who own the expertise in art or the art community. For anyone who wishes to pursue art, of course, take a formal art education is significant to open many more insights, not only improving skills of techniques.

Iabadiou Piko has become one of Indonesia’s young artists who has successfully exhibited his works in various esteemed residencies and art exhibitions. From Exhibitions at Artjog, Solo Exhibition of Menumpuk Di Atas Hamparan at D Gallerie Jakarta to Residency at “MONO 8 GALLERY, MANILA Collaborate with 1335 Mabini MAKATI in Philippine, Residency at Ware House 421 Abu Dhabi, Art Dubai Program, Solo Exhibition of Proporsi Biru at Michael Janssen Gallerie Berlin. With his achievements so far, Iabadiou aims to stop at nothing. “I hope I can join more outside residencies at a prominent art institution and exhibit my works at the museum,” said Iabadiou.