Where to Go: Kampong Ampel

Written By
Annisa Puspa Andira

Edited By
Fazrah Heryanda

Virginna Sani

When it comes to Ampel, it has been known as historical and religious tourism in Surabaya. But, Ampel rich with its culture and has more sides to offer. As we stroll along the path, we find places and stories that we certainly shouldn’t hold it to our self.

Ampel, one of the oldest districts in Surabaya, has a plethora of tales. As the resting place for one of the historic religious nation figures–Sunan Ampel—perhaps blurring out Ampel’s enticements and amusements. When most people thought Ampel as a place to find spiritual purpose, we simply explore the area and try to unveil stories of each spot we’ve visited.

Together with M. Khotib Ismail a.k.a Pak Khotib, we stroll down the street around ‘Kampung Ampel.’ Hearing plenty of stories about Ampel through Pak Khotib’s in-depth knowledge of his childhood district was exciting. And also made us wondering this kind of story might never have been written in local literature.