It Is The Right Time To Go Wild Over Djawa

Written, Edited
& Photograph by

Fazrah LR Heryanda

Kopi Toko Djawa

Jl. Braga No.81,

Mon – Sun
10.00 AM- 10.00 Pm

Our Top Dish

Es Kopi Toko Djawa
Es Kopi Awan
Es Kopi Djawa Boba
Cheese Brownies

Cars scrambling the road to escape the traffic, loud car horns, the sidewalk is filled with the sight of couples holding hands, or even the peers are busy snapping welfies sounds ordinary if you are happened to be in Braga, Bandung. Actually, it ten times more lively seeing the shops lined up calling names as if asking you to stop by. Among those shops, there is one charming shop, Kopi Toko Djawa, with heavy vintage presence—settled with a big landscape window and red-retro 3D font types preserving the legendary old building Toko Buku Djawa. As you stepped in, you will be welcomed with a long queue waiting to order everyone’s-favorite-ice milk coffee, es Kopi Toko Djawa.

(Photo Source : Kopi Toko Djawa)

Ice milk coffee has been a massive hit for the past year giving birth to all kinds, color, and taste of coffee to the scene. Kopi Toko Djawa seizes the opportunity to make it to the top in their home ground, Bandung. With two signature coffees, es Kopi Toko Djawa and es Kopi Awan; float coffee, Kopi Toko Djawa have always been crowded with the visitors. It becomes understandable since Es Kopi Toko Djawa serves good coffee mixed perfectly with milk—not the other way around, debunking the impression that ice milk coffee frequently lost its coffee flavor. It is an enjoyable sip at an affordable price. “We want to serve es Kopi Toko Djawa without reducing its coffee portion. My partner, Alvin, had a coffee specialty background, so that’s the reason why our signature coffee become special, told Elisa, the founder Kopi Toko Djawa. As for es Kopi Awan, it is perfect for the one who doesn’t fancy sweet but still wants to sense a bit of coconut-milk whipped cream. The way to drink Es Kopi Awan is sipping directly from the cup. As time goes on, the queue was getting longer, and it comes to no surprise as people also want to try the newly launched coffee in town, es Kopi Djawa Boba.

Photo Source : Kopi Toko Djawa

When it comes to boba, people have almost been worshiping it, so it is kind of tricky for the local brand to produce the boba. But, Kopi Toko Djawa doesn’t want to up to here—feelings satisfied for that two signature coffees, launched es Kopi Djawa boba. Es Kopi Djawa boba is rich with coffee flavor, yet, at the same time, it doesn’t overpower the caramel-ly brown sugar complete with chewy pearl and delicious that would make your eyes wide open nodding to give a full mark. This is my very first time come here, but surprisingly the boba coffee is so good and the flavor still kicks in. Not bad for my taste, Rizky share his review. With such a raving review about es kopi Djawa boba, Elisa told us how it is hard to make those ideal pearls. “We already launched it back then, but we decided to pull back the product since we felt that the texture hasn’t perfect yet. Judging by how Kopi Toko Djawa has been putting themselves best, now you know why es kopi Djawa boba is deserved all the praise.

Aside from the power of those beverages, Kopi Toko Djawa serves tasty cakes, Cheesy Brownie. Well, what can go wrong with the combination of cheese and brownies? That’s where the ingenuity Kopi Toko Djawa delivers. The browny is not overcooked, the texture is so fluffy, and the cheese is legit complement it. One slice wouldn’t be enough, so it is wise to purchase a whole box of brownies that you can eat at home.

While some people prefer to take away the coffee, some choose to stay in the shops. The old building combine with colonial architecture blend with a traditional touch” batik for the tablecloth, picturesque artwork, a pile of books, and the botanical plants hanging side by side with the industrial lamp could make you feel nostalgic—embracing a pleasant coffee sip in the 1970s. And that what it makes Kopi Toko Djawa so lovesome.