By Lizzie Parra: The Game Changer of Local Beauty Brands

Written By
Annisa Puspa Andira

Edited By
Fazrah LR Heryanda

Photograph By
Adhel Pramita
Fadhli Zaky

‘You are beautiful’ is a line that should be awarded to every woman out there. But, it’s been a long time since women have unconsciously fed by a beauty standard—you are beautiful if you have a skin color that everybody wants—you aren’t beautiful because your facial features aren’t proportional. You think that you should possess a white-pale skin, or you feel like you need to be extremely thin, so people would appreciate you. Those intrusive thoughts have driven Elizabeth Christina Prameswari, known as Lizzie Parra (@bylizzieparra), to break the perceptions of unrealistic beauty ideals and prove that everybody can have an equal chance in spreading a positive influence in the beauty industry. Through its brand By Lizzie Parra (BLP), Lizzie Parra invites every woman to see the beauty in diversity.

(Photo source: Lizzie Parra)

Started as Product Executive at one of the multinational cosmetic companies, Lizzie Parra didn’t think that she would have her beauty brand in the future. During her time there, Lizzie learned about the supplier and distribution chain in the industry. Lizzie even had worked as Sales Promotion that gave her extensive experience and knowledge, and it guided her as a beauty-prenuer like today. After two years of work, Lizzie resigned and started to continue her career as a make-up artist. Word of mouth has genuinely helped her, so when her work as a make-up artist being acknowledged, she obtained lots of offers to collaborate. At the same time, Lizzie has managed to share what needs to know about beauty products and make-up tutorials on her blog Since then, the name of Lizzie Parra came on the radar as a beauty influencer. 

“In fact, beauty is not only measured physically."

During her busy schedule as a make-up artist and beauty influencer back then, Lizzie began to feel that there were none local beauty product ‘fits’ with what she expected. Moreover, there has been a stereotype about beauty which turned into sort of an agreement for women. “Young women today still sensing beautiful if their noses are sharp, their hair is long, their bodies are thin, and their skin is white. In fact, beauty is not only measured physically.” Having that thought, Lizzie also felt that she had another call to make a difference. “Beauty isn’t only from an existing standard, but there is more value in it, which one of them is inner beauty. And to radiate inner beauty, self-confidence is key. That was my wake-up call to establish my brand because I believe make-up can be a medium to increase self-confidence,” as Lizzie recalled the beginning of BLP.

BLP, which has been established since 2016, has become one of the most favored local beauty brands. With five stores in 3 different cities across Indonesia, people have been expressing their excitement, waiting for BLP to come to their hometown. However, for Lizzie, BLP doesn’t mean as a product to be sold and bought, but also as something worth value. “The initial mission of BLP itself is as empowerment, especially for women, which until today we still hold on to it. Anyone can try BLP products. Whatever background, skin type, or personality, we are very welcome for them to befriend with BLP”. Lizzie hopes that through BLP, women will realize that being beautiful is focusing on how to become a better person and aligned with what Lizzie believes that inner beauty provides long-lasting beauty.

"Beauty is diverse and relative. Others can see the beauty in a different manner, and so do we. I believe each one is unique, and we must remember to appreciate one and another,"

Committed in making a product which strongly emphasizes the power of inner beauty brought BLP astounding success. Women become fond of BLP’s collection as it approaches the brand to be relatable—as real as possible. Whether in online or offline experience, BLP attempts to provide a warm experience and it feels comfortable for the customer talking about the products that fits them. From the campaign, content, branding, and product, BLP puts an extra effort to make it ‘real’ to women today. BLP doesn’t limit the content to particular facial types or skin colors, even the model varies, from hijabi to the curly hair, from individual to the pals. So, what they have been longing—a local product that is a part of them is genuinely exist. Therefore, the spirit of ‘diversity’ is instilled as BLP’s value so anyone will understand that uniqueness in diversity should be embraced. “Beauty is diverse and relative. Others can see the beauty in a different manner, and so do we. I believe each one is unique, and we must remember to appreciate one and another,” said Lizzie.

Hoping to share as much as an uplifting message to change how people would perceive the beauty, Lizzie realizes that BLP still has a long way to go although BLP’s growth more significant than she would expected or imagined. “I’ve often received tons of private messages  from BLP customers. They told me they were inspired by what BLP has achieved. Most of them said that their self-esteem and confidence were growing, and it has helped them greatly to overcome their problems,” told Lizzie. Those messages turned into a driving passion for Lizzie in developing BLP becoming a brand that is not only flourishing but inspiring.