Where to Go: Museum Pendidikan Surabaya

Written By
Annisa Puspa Andira

Edited By
Fazrah LR Heryanda

Photograph By
Abdurrahman Rabbani
Fadhli Zaky

‘Wisatane Suroboyo? Yo Mall iku wisatane’ (‘Surabaya’s destination? Shopping Malls!) is a familiar Surabayan inside joke. Although Surabaya’s most favored destination is their Shopping Mals, well, it doesn’t mean Surabaya shortage of attractions. In the Y-junction of Genteng Kali, stands gracefully a refurbished building, Museum Pendidikan Surabaya, that could be a new-go to Surabaya cultural tourism. Near the Taman Ekspresi & Perpustakaan, Museum Pendidikan Surabaya offers an exciting yet educating journey.

The museum was inaugurated on November 25th last year coincides with National Teacher’s Day. Since it used to be Taman Siswa, the first school for pribumi during the Dutch colonialism, the touch of architectural colonialism has strongly visible throughout its building. The incarnation of Taman Siswa today covered in a modern architecture design that accentuates simplicity, natural lights in an open space. With a bit of greenery and outdoor decorative stones, it perceives a contemporary sense, yet the traditional imprint leaves in there.

Museum Pendidikan Surabaya has displayed a total of 860 pieces of historical items related to our education development phase. From ancient manuscripts, a variety of school stationery, old books are some of the original artifacts shown in the museum, which was zoned out into different zones, according to the development periods. There are four-period zones, including; Pra-Aksara (prehistory), Kerajaan (kingdom), Kolonial (colonial), Kemerdekaan (independence) with one exclusive zone named Surabaya which particularly unveils the tale of Surabaya’s education history. What makes Museum Pendidikan Surabaya worth looking into, each zone is provided with a guide in text and visual to help visitors learn and enrich their historical knowledge. Different from other ‘conventional’ museums, Museum Pendidikan Surabaya charms the visitor through a compelling narrative about its brief history.

Museum Pendidikan Surabaya brings profound and personal impressions. For those who have been through the school period, some displayed artifacts perhaps would unwittingly dig up the excellent and classic school memories. Like the display of old report cards and textbooks from the ’40s or a room designed resembles the classroom. Ran down to the collection spectacles exclaiming excitedly, both childhood and adolescence memories instantaneously play in mind like an old record. With a purpose to bring forward the education in Surabaya, Museum Pendidikan Surabaya is a place to both learn and reminisce about our glory in school days at once.