What We Love: Flower Creation by Onni House

Written By
Annisa Puspa Andira

Edited By
Fazrah LR Heryanda

Photograph By
Adhelia Sani Pramita
Fadhli Zaky

Receiving or arranging flowers would put a beautiful smile expressing how much you feel delighted. But, sadly some people tend to think that flowers are bound to give on particular occasion only, be it graduation, birthday, or anniversary. It is a common misconception, and that’s what ONNI House, Surabaya wants—break those traditions because giving flowers could be the perfect way to touch someone’s heart even on the typical day. Also, you could try making a flower arrangement to uplift the mood, making your house feels like every day is Sunday.

In ONNI House Surabaya, we fall in love with the various types of flowers that we can’t get enough of. From rose, lily, sunflower, chrysanthemum, baby breath, and the list continues. While we hypnotized by the dazzling and lovely flowers in there, we also noticed how crafty and creative the florist is in creating the buckets. It is also amusing to have a casual talk with the florist discussing what kind of flowers fit the personality. Perhaps the knowledge and skills that passed down from florist generations made ONNI House Surabaya have the expertise both in the business and art of flowers.

There’s one among the flowers they provide that pretty much special, which is the roses from Roses Only. These roses are imported from Ecuadorian and to be known had the best quality than other roses. With its length, approximately 65-70 cm, larger petals, and fresh even longer than usual roses, Roses Only has captured your heart. Comes with red and white cream roses, there is no grateful symbol would beat the beauty of Roses Only. Red, sparks a long-lasting, passionate affection while the white cream holds its reputation of innocence and purity. The best thing about it, you can find Roses Only in ONNI House as it’s the official reseller in Indonesia.