You Are Invited to Travel As It Is

Written By
Adinda Mauradiva

Edited By
Fazrah Heryanda

Photo Source

Nowadays, you are spending most of the times scrolling through everyone’s social media, seeing that their feeds are celebrating the most wonderful vacations they were having at somewhere picturesque. And this leads to the thirst feeling of a short escape from all your monotonous routines. The follow-up plan is heading you to another headache because you keep thinking that you don’t have the time to plan through the date, the activities, and the money to do so. But what you didn’t realize is that traveling doesn’t always mean turning yourself as a tourist in a stranger’s land or reaching the destination that you long to find on the post stamps. In actuality, traveling could be taken to anywhere—in everyday situations—using these transportations, where you could still get the essence of traveling even if you are just passing through another place in the city.

Talking to a stranger on a train

When you are glued to the phone, your only focus is the virtual world. Sometimes, it is nice spending the next 5-to-7 hours asking the person sitting across you where do they come from, or where will they go, at what stop as long as you didn’t cross the line and make it uncomfortable. Isn’t it better to connect with people that you meet in real life, albeit momentarily, as opposed to scrolling their lives virtually through social media?


Looking at a map on a taxi

Stuck on a cab might be incredibly boring. After you had enough time to get updates on social media, take dozen of selfies, so the exciting idea that you could try is browsing the Google Maps to search for a nearby next stop of a delicious, well-known street food, a national heritage museum or tourist attractions you’d never visit before in your life. Even better if you’re no longer using a digital map, but an actual map, because then you would feel like an adventurer in a modern-day taxi!


Finishing a novel on a plane

There is nothing beats the joy of reading, especially if you happen to be a book nerd or fancy a casual read. The magazines and films are provided by the plane for the customers to read and watch, but finishing the book that you are bringing along to your travel or transit felt more liberating in that dimly lit passenger seat, seatbelts hugging your stomach as the plane is ready for a landing. Also, novels are easier to finish and more relaxing to read when you are only waiting a couple of hours for the plane to take you off to another journey.


Making a documentary on public transportation

Crafting your Instagram stories is the thing that you can do day-to-day. Well, how about taking it to the next level by producing a documentary? It would feel like a fun part of making social documentary focused on traveling because it is interesting to emerge ourselves in the everyday lives of the people using public transportations. In that limited space consisting of long Suzuki Carry car seats and dangdut koplo remixes (sometimes 2000s Melayu songs), there could be found veiled mothers carrying their babies going to the market, public junior high school students going to hang out, factory workers about to go home, etc. It would be connecting you to the reality where you see the depiction of one’s particular socio-economic life in a metropolitan city and witnessing itself that is a critical issue to tackle within this day and age.


Cycle around the blocks on a bicycle

There isn’t anything particular in mind that you can do while sitting on a bicycle and let your dangling feet step on the pedals besides sightseeing the buildings, the houses, the parks nearby. Smiling to the grandpa, you’d see every afternoon walking on a pedestrian, buying pentol (little meatballs) on the way home at the local seller you would call mang-mang, ready with their carts on the streets. You might just be thinking about something, but little travel could be felt even if you are only cycling down one road to another. After all, we all know that cycling is a healthy routine.


By trying those five activities, you don’t need to stress much about big budgets or emptying the schedule that you can’t cancel in the meantime for another travel to reward yourself. You need to remember that in every trip and every course of the way, there are all kinds of journeys awaiting you, even if it’s in the most ordinary way possible—that makes you want to learn to appreciate life a little bit more.