Upscale Your Home with Art Pieces

Written By
Annisa Puspa Andira

Edited By
Fazrah LR Heryanda

Photograph By
Adhelia Sani Pramita
Fadhli Zaky

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Pablo Picasso once said, “Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions.” How colors affect our moods can be a good trick for decorating your house. What better ways to fill your house with colors than art pieces decoration?

A little touch of art pieces can build different moods to your house. Also, it can balance your room space, revive the house ambiance, and certainly make your house cozier than before. Here some of the tips about how you can upscale your house from an interior designer, Eric Wibowo; recommendations by Sumichan Gallery; and collectible items displayed on Nagarey.


Photo Source: Unsplash

Dare to mix things up!

You don’t have to match the theme or color of your interior to the art or otherwise. Just remember, you need to balance them out. For example, bold colors suit your placement in the room’s design interiors, but perhaps a tinge of neutral colors would come off as beautiful, too.

Trust your own heart, buy pieces that you adore most!

Put your ego first and pick the art piece you love. As Eric Wibowo puts it, an art piece and furniture is something that is chosen according to one’s personal taste. A designer himself, he would always try to express the owner’s personality into pieces, so that every house could feel different and very own to each individual who lives there. Let this apply to you, too, because who knows your house better than yourself?


Photo Source: Unsplash

Blank spaces are the best place for art pieces to live in

Don’t hesitate to put more variations into your finely decorated life. Nagarey gelatik duo wood sculpture colored gray whitewash on a plain table would blend well with the same ground-colored background. Also, a kastrup glass dome with wood base could preserve your precious succulent plants and make the room grows alive by lively species ornament. For the night, light up the candles to accentuate the blank walls enclosed in an antique gold terrarium.

Lifetime art is your memory

You can add a sentimental touch to your space by putting an art piece from your holiday or events you’ve visited, something to remember and wonder. Sometimes the best art comes from the memory you’ve made. As long as you’re happy and feel the most at home, then you’re good to go.

Locals made art great again

There are multiple distinguished local artists with outstanding works that would be shameful to miss, like the colorful, humorous paintings by Naufal Abshar or surreal paintings from Roby Dwi Antono or even Irene Saputra’s illustration pieces. Also, this is where the recommendations from Sumichan Gallery’s Mia took place: a more budget-friendly 40×40 cm small abstract painting by Ronald Effendi at 3.5M.

Grade-A frame

Don’t feel guilty to spend more on the frame because a lovely painting deserves some high-quality frame. Such as the 60×90 cm puppet print from with glass cover and gold stainless steel frame at 2.5M. If you prefer an authentic frame that comes with the painting rather than the overwhelming ones, you could try Wisnu Auri’s 4x20x30 oil on glass paintings at 3.5M, as he already made the series Calm Mind & the Great Flow, Good Vibes, and Lukis Kaca.

These six tips can be your guide when it comes to turning art pieces into your house decoration.  Spare your time to do it and have fun! Plus, it can be your time to refresh yourself and your house. Have a try at it, and feel that upscale energy.