Yajugaya: A Word to The Wise Through T-shirt

Written By
Annisa Puspa Andira

Edited By
Fazrah LR Heryanda

Photograph By
Fadhli Zaky

Words, in the right hand, could be turned into gold. Gaining massive popularity, Yajugaya, perhaps, is a pioneer in wordy t-shirt euphoria in the creative business scene. The rhyming quotes, witty twisted words, and meanings that hit you right in the feels succeeded in stealing people’s attention. So, what’s the secret ingredient behind Yajugaya’s success?

For Randhy Prasetya, the mastermind behind Yajugaya, it never occurred to him for inventing a t-shirt typography business. Long before Yajugaya has established, Randhy used to pour his opinion and thoughts only through social media. As Yajugaya evolved in a few past years, Randhy positioning its brand as a manifestation of his concern on the lack of locals’ appreciation in their language. Even it printed in one of Yajugay’s T-shirts’ Lekat dengan bahasa asing, Asing dengan Bahasa Sendiri‘—Fluent in foreign language, Foreign to own language. “Bahasa Indonesia is underrated. It considered outdated and can’t seem to fit with the latest trend and, Yajugaya has a mission to change that,” said Randhy. He thought that with the establishment of Yajugaya, there’s a chance of making Bahasa Indonesia more special.

Over time since the establishment in 2010, Yajugaya has grown into a rising local brand. Randhy revealed that Yajugaya’s success reflected in the numerous local brands that adopted the same style on their product as Yajugaya invents and, of course, the emerging of copycat brands. For him, the one thing that leads to Yajugaya achievement is the strong message in each quote, which relates to the situations in everyday life or responding to the issues that have been unlooked for. Take an example, PER(t)EMPU(r)AN, a combination of perempuan(women) and tempur(fight), aims to be the voice of women who are currently fighting against all kinds of sexual harassments.

Randhy also revealed that the quotes he created came from conclusions that he drew in the place he was at, “The quotes come from the conclusions of what the five senses see, hear, and say. From the situation out there, the cold of a shopping center, to the crowded public transportation”. The famous one, Nerakaku bukan urusanmu, apalagi surga belum tentu jadi tempatmu—My place in hell is none of your business, above all, your place in heaven is not necessarily guaranteed, a satire discussing judgmental society or police morale who’s forcing their belief on others. Every quote lies a meaning which raises a statement in oneself ya juga ya (oh, that’s right). And that makes Yajugaya different from other local competitors. Furthermore, the white and black medium isn’t a random choice. “Our black and white is not just a color choice. It’s referring to yin and yang; there is black in white and vice versa,” said Randhy.

Randhy Prasetya

Success is silent, let others talk.

Yajugaya’s success also opens up a whole new opportunity, an invitation for creative collaboration. Yajugaya has collaborated with various local brands, including a well-established brand, Ramayana. Their collaboration is intended to remind the locals about their brand that’s been existing for years. Also, the latest collaboration in the early 2020s with the insurance company, Zurich Indonesia, featured words to raise the awareness on importance of having insurance.

Even so, talking about Yajugaya’s success, Randhy wants to stay low about it, “Back to Yajugaya’s quote, success is silent, let others talk.” In the future, Randhy is planned to take a further step in developing Yajugaya so that local brands can be high on amid global brands exposure and also as a reinforcement of our language. Moreover, Randhy wishes that there will be new ideas or concepts to be established without stopping on a concept that’s been here or worst, copied.