You Have The Right to Chill with Nuvantara

Written By
Annisa Puspa Andira

Edited By
Fazrah LR Heryanda

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If you think camping by the side of a lake alongside with natural scenic, fresh air, and away from the city’s rumblings only exists in a movie, perhaps, you should meet Nuvantara, a Yogyakarta-based travel partner that takes traveling to a whole new level. By promoting a local off-beaten path, combining nature site and heritage, Nuvantara wants to encourage that you have the right to relax, chill, and leave all the problems behind for a while. Because, yes, you deserve it!

Nuvantara, initially was established by a group of four – Naufal, Harun, Farzikha, and Azra. Starting from last year, Nuvantara welcomes new additional member on board,  Joanika. With an idea to create a unique and different experience for people who desperately need a short escape in the bustling cities, they did research how to provide a travel business that stands out from the crowd.

By chance, their infatuation of The Volkswagen Type 2, a.k.a VW became the beginning of the story as they picked up VW as transportation mode of Nuvantara’s journey. Nuvantara name itself comes from a twist to the word of Nusantara, as they switch it to Nuvantara, emphasizing their love for ‘Indonesia’ and the ‘van’ they are using for the trip.

In the sea of the travel business offers a destination-centered trip, Nuvantara designed its itinerary straight to fulfill ‘everyone’s experience’ thirst. “These days, people have been looking for a trip that facilitates their needs to feel something they haven’t experienced yet rather than devoting to leisure. So, we designed an itinerary that will leave with a good remembrance and brush off exhaustion from their routine”, said Naufal, one of the Nuvantara’s co-founders. Nuvantara comes up with several packages. As for now, one of the most favorite packages is known Chillin By The Lake, including an overnight stay by the lake, sunset watching, stargazing, BBQ dinner, campfire, and other fun indulging activities. Nuvantara’s trip can be enjoyed from 2 to 18 people per pack, starting at IDR 700,000 per person.

However, for Nuvantara, providing a travel package focusing on experience isn’t fulfilling enough without preserving the local community. Therefore, to enhance the community’s potential growth, there’s a series of fun and engaging activities, such as Sugar Camp Experience, a making process of coconut palm sugar and Krumpyung Workshop which producing an bamboo art. Nuvantara also has other heritage activities, including pottery craft and sightseeing cigar factory. It is fair to say, Nuvantara, in a bit, has been staying true for its mission to empower the neighborhood community by driving prospective local tourism management, including practical skill to local communities.

So far, all of Nuvantara trips are not only centered in Yogyakarta, but also off the beaten path. Nevertheless, Nuvantara already had a plan in mind to expand their journey to other areas. Excitedly, Naufal said, “This year, we are planning to expand our trip to the East Java, so stay tuned.” As stress is inevitable, Nuvantara tagline ‘License to Chill’ certainly gives a better excuse in regaining sanity while dealing with harsh reality.